Steve Streadbeck Sculpture

Fine Art Bronze Sculpture

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Double Bustle Dancer

Edition of 29  H 29 “, W17“, D 14 “ Price: $20,500 Main Street Art is one of the nation’s premiere sources for Fine Art Bronze. Our talented artists cover many styles and subject matter. All work is cast in small limited editions. For questions about purchasing or commissioning work please contact us.

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Hopi Snake Dancer

Edition of 29  H 23 “, W 14 “, D 10 “ Price: $3,250 Central to Hopi life is the belief that all things in nature have specific roles to play in maintaining this world’s equilibrium.  The Hopis’ role requires them to keep good hearts and observe complex rituals.  Failure in these duties upsets nature’s delicate balance and causes calamity. Of the many rites...

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